Euroweb Limited

Euroweb Limited is your single source provider for Inline and Offline Finishing supplies and accessories.

Euroweb currently supply replacement parts for Scheffer, WPM, Baldwin and JetWeb finishing Equipment. All of our products meet and exceed OEM specification.

We are exclusive UK and European agents for Walt Powley Inline, Inc. and Paper Benders Supply, Inc.

We currently stock over 400 parts at our offices in High Wycombe, with Next Day delivery to UK and Europe.

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Other equipment still supported by Euroweb Baldwin/STI stackers, Ryco Graphic, and D&R Engineering.

the parts shop

Walt Powley Inline, Inc. was incorporated in 1998 and created from a desire to service web offset printers whose focus is cover production, inline and offline finishing and direct mail production...

the die shop

Paper Benders Supply, Inc. was incorporated in 1998 and is the most comprehensive manufacturer of specialty molded cutoff knives and custom molded steel rule rotary dies for the graphic arts and convertng industry...