the parts shop

Walt Powley Inline, Inc. was incorporated in 1998 and created from a desire to service web offset printers whose focus is cover production, inline and offline finishing and direct mail production. We are a group of individuals firmly rooted in the printing industry dedicated to serving pressrooms worldwide. Currently, we serve more than 125 pressrooms in 15 countries! Our vast knowledge of inline and offline finishing processes, production and equipment is a product of over 45 years of working for and with companies including Gregg, Baldwin, ILF, Versa Tech, AGM, WPM and Scheffer. In our history with these companies, our roles included engineering, manufacturing, sales and management.

Walt Powley Inline, Inc. specializes in supporting pressrooms that focus on direct mail production that utilize inline and offline finishing equipment. We offer the most comprehensive selection of spare parts, consumables and make-ready items available to the industry. We constantly strive to maximize the run-ability, production and profitability of our customer’s inline finishing equipment. We achieve this by providing large inventories of only the highest quality products, exceptional customer service and same day shipments, all while offering the most competitive pricing available.

Our rich history in the printing industry rewards us with a keen understanding of our customers demanding environment and extremely specific needs. We understand that the demands of today’s 24/7 pressroom, customers, shorter deadlines, tighter budgets and an ever-increasing pressure to do more with less can be daunting and stressful to pressroom managers and purchasing agents. Walt Powley Inline, Inc. provides the hassle-free purchasing experience of “one stop” ordering regardless of equipment manufacturer. We consistently offer same day shipments, substantial savings and outstanding customer service!